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Frequently Asked Questions
What IS Endometriosis?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What message classifications do you use?

There are no "official classifications" (subject headers), as such, but we do try to use a system of prefacing our messages with certain keywords to alert members to subject topics. Some posts tend to be sensitive in nature, and this will enable members to skip posts they might be sensitive to. Likewise, it will enable everyone to pick out posts which are more applicable to them on a particular day. This is not a rule, but rather a courtesy. Here are some headers:

INFERT: Infertility mentioned. Many people are hoping for pregnancy success stories and this will help them avoid this issue.
M/C: Miscarriage mentioned. A particularly sensitive issue which can be triggering for some members.
EMBAR: Embarrasing topic. This will spare some people some inadvertant hurt feelings on difficult subjects. This can include anything sensitive from sex to kidney or bowel discussions, for example.
PG: Pregnancy. This is used to help avoid pregnancy discussions by those who are dealing with infertility, a very real and painful aspect of living with endo.
VENT or RANT: Self-explanatory. This is sometimes used by members to alert the group to the fact that they are in need of some support.
GRAPHIC: Graphic descriptions. Used out of courtesy so those who are weak-stomached, already feeling ill, suffering morning sickness, etc. can be warned not to upset their tummies anymore at the time. Typically used for any "gross out" discussions.

Use your imagination for any subject header you'd like to use! These are not rules, and no one who fails to use a header will be flamed... it is strictly a courtesy to others in the group.

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What are Surgery Stars?

These are our sisters on ASE who are scheduled for upcoming procedures. Please post to the group with your name, type of procedure, surgery date, and if you'd like, the location where your surgery is being done. The list is not limited just to those who are having laps or similar surgeries; it is for all sisters who are having diagnostics done as well, such as IVPs, colonoscopies, etc. Remember to post your information!


What does LOL mean??

Many varied abbreviations are used, some common all over the 'Net, such as LOL (Laugh Out Loud) some are more specific to endo or infertility groups.
AFAIK: As Far As I Know
AI: Artificial Insemination
BBT: Basal Body Temperature
BCP/s: Birth Control Pill/s (also referred to as Ovulation Control Pills)
BTW: By The Way
CBPC/s: Continuous BCP/s
CD: Cycle Day
CF: Cervical Fluid
CM: Cervical Mucous
CVS: Chorionic Villae Sampling
D&C: Dilation & Curettage
D&E: Dilation & Evacuation
DE: Donor Eggs
DH: Dear Husband
DI: Donor Insemination
DP: Depo Provera
Dx: Diagnosis
E2: Estradiol
ENDO: Endometriosis
EPT: Early Pregnancy Test
ET: Embryo Transfer
FAQ: Frequently asked Questions
FET: Frozen Embryo Transfer
FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone
FWIW: For What It's Worth
GIFT: Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer
GnRH: Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone
GP: General Practitioner
GYN: Gynaecologist
HCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
HCP: Health Care Practitioner
HPT: Home Pregnancy Test
HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy
HSG: Hysterosalpingogram
HTH: Hope That Helps
ICI: Intra-cervical Insemination
ICSI: Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
IF: Infertility
IIRC: If I Remember Correctly
IM: Intra-muscular
IMO: In My Opinion
INCIID: International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
IUI: Intra-uterine Insemination
IVF: In Vitro Fertilization
LAP: Laparoscopy
LH: Luteinizing Hormone
M/C: Miscarriage
MIL: Mother in Law
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imagery
OB: Obstetrician
OB/GYN: Obstetrician/Gynaecologist
OPK: Ovulation Predictor Kit
OTC: Over The Counter
PCOS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (also PCO, PCOD)
PCP: Primary Care Physician
PCT: Post Coital Test
PG: Pregnant
PI: Primary Infertility
PID: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
PMS: Pre-menstrual Syndrome
POF: Premature Ovarian Failure
PTSD: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist
ROFL/MBO: Rolling On the Floor Laughing/My Butt Off
RSA: Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion
Rx: Prescription

SA: Semen Analysis
SI: Secondary Infertility
SLE: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
SO: Significant Other
STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease

TET: Tubal Embryo Transfer
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
TUFT: Trans-uterine Fallopian Transfer
Tx: Treatment

U/S: Ultrasound
UTI: Urinary Tract Infection

WBC: White Blood Cells

YMMV: Your Methods May Vary

ZIFT: Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer

This page is provided as a courtesy. Site owner is not responsible for content. Please contact directly by visiting your newsgroup reader to ask questions or make suggestions concerning this document. Thank you.
Important: Please remember, this FAQ is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice.