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Frequently Asked Questions
What IS Endometriosis?
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What is
Also known as ASE, this is an unmoderated newsgroup, dependant on information and support from its members who are affected by endometriosis.
It is an international site, drawing readers and participants from all over the globe, all there to offer or receive support.
It is not a medical site, please see your own physician for medical advice. Posts are the opinion of the author.

Global satellite communication

How do I join ASE?

To join the group, check first to see if your internet provider has an area dedicated to newsgroups. Search for, select it for addition, and bookmark it. If your ISP does not have such an area, simply go to and join directly from there.

What are the "rules" of
There are none - other than all participants must be respectful of each other!

Who is welcome to join the group?
All women who have endo, think they have endo, or need information are welcome. In addition, their significant others and family members are certainly welcome and encouraged to join in the discussions. We always welcome accredited physicians and professionals to participate where they can, and certainly anyone who has legitimate interests in learning more about the disease is always welcome.

Who is not welcome?
"Snake oil" salesmen, predators who wish only to prey on unsuspecting women in pain to sell their "cures" to, are not welcome. Ever. If you are a newbie, and someone contacts you off-list to tell you the story of how they "found a cure", ignore it. Post to the group about any mail you receive off-list to ensure that it comes from a valid source. There are several long-standing members of the group who can tell you if a contact is legitimate. Many are not.

This site is provided as a courtesy. Site owner is not responsible for content. Please contact directly by visiting your newsgroup reader to ask questions or make suggestions concerning this document. Thank you.
Important: Please remember, this FAQ is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice.