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Frequently Asked Questions
What IS Endometriosis?
Online Support
Anne's Lap Tips
More Lap Tips
Online Support

There is a growing network of endometriosis sites and support groups. This online family is loving, supportive, informative and absolutely essential. Once you have participated in a group, you will never forget the love and friendship you will have gained. To all online participants, thank you for that.

As well as this wonderful group, a moderated group can be found at - join it in the same way you would ASE.
How do I subscribe? How do I UN-subscribe?
Witsendo ("we are interested in the treatment and support of women with endo") is a moderated listserve for women with endo (and their loved ones). A high volume of email is distributed weekly to the subscriber list, addressing all aspects of the disease. To subscribe, send an email to:
with the message: SUBSCRIBE WITSENDO your full name
(obviously, substitute your own name) in the body of the mail. Do not include anything else, as the Listserv computer will read it as a command. If you must include a subject, simply put "SUBSCRIBE" in the line. For leaving the list: same procedure, with the message: SIGNOFF WITSENDO your full name.
Witsendo mail can be very high in volume. Once you have joined, you can learn how to sign up to get the messages in digest format rather than individual emails.
The ERC, EndoUK and Endonatural are among many of the popular groups at Yahoo groups (formerly eGroups). The ERC's group in particular is very active and is moderated to keep a friendly atmosphere.
Search the web to find similar groups at WebMD and others.

National and International Support
How do I join the Endometriosis Research Center?
Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your name and mailing address to:
The Endometriosis Research Center
630 Ibis Drive
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Phone: Toll Free (800) 239-7280
There is never a membership fee and materials are available for the cost of postage.

How do I join the Endometriosis Association?
Endometriosis Association International Headquarters
8585 North 76th Place
Milwaukee, WI 53223
phone 1-800-992-3636
There is a membership fee and costs for materials. 

In England?
National Endometriosis Society
50 Westminster Palace Gardens
Artillery Row


New Zealand?

Other countries? Post an address to ASE and we can add the information here!

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Important: Please remember, this FAQ is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice.